Razorsight offers a complete range of professional and consulting services. These services are offered on a standalone basis or in support of Razorsight applications. The expert team at Razorsight has deep industry knowledge and experience, backed by a robust suite of analytics tools and applications and extensive industry data.

Audit Services
Communications Providers spend from 15% - 50% of total revenue on network infrastructure and 3rd party costs. Annual network is typically the top COGS line item on any Communications Provider's P&L. Razorsight's 10+ years of experience shows these costs can be reduced by up to 10% through comprehensive and automated auditing.

Managed Services
Maximize the impact of your Razorsight solutions with Razorsight Managed Services. You can draw from decades of cumulative knowledge and deep industry expertise for best practices guidance, process optimization, and solution fine-tuning. This means lower costs, greater revenue capture and improved profitability.

Consulting Services
A cost-saving solution is only effective when it's in place. And the longer it takes to ramp up, the more it's costing you -- both in terms of setup and in terms of lost revenue.

Razorsight is the clear choice for Cloud Analytics!