Managed Services

Maximize the impact of your Razorsight solutions with Razorsight Managed Services. You can draw from decades of cumulative knowledge and deep industry expertise for best practices guidance, process optimization, and solution fine-tuning. This means lower costs, greater revenue capture and improved profitability.  

Leave the Solution Operation to Us

It's a straightforward step toward greater solution value. You pay Razorsight a flat fee for services such as set-up, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and optimizing of Razorsight solutions. You'll leverage our product, domain and process expertise while we concentrate on building the greatest possible benefit. You enjoy increased business performance, superior intelligence and better margins.

Razorsight Managed Services Feature...

  • Cloud-based solutions and technical resources for solution management enhanced by expertise for realizing optimal solution value
  • Hands-on incorporation of performance-enhancement programs involving process reengineering, implementation of best-in-class processes, and tools to address high priority areas
  • Available for all RazorInsights products

Our managed services program allows communications service providers to outsource the management of certain functions so you can focus your energies and investments on customer acquisition and customer experience. Leveraging all products and subject matter experts, we assume full responsibility for managing and optimizing your operations, and our service agreements allow you to hold us accountable for delivering strong economic value.

Razorsight is the clear choice for Cloud Analytics!