Consulting Services

Implementation Services

A cost-saving solution is only effective when it's in place. And the longer it takes to ramp up, the more it's costing you -- both in terms of setup and in terms of lost revenue.

Smart Speed

Razorsight implementation services get your solution up and running fast, without compromising efficiency or effectiveness. We follow a tested, perfected protocol that reduces risk while accelerating the deployment timeframe.

Combined Expertise in Action

The key is seamless communication and coordination between your project manager and our team of implementation experts. Our team leverages our Software-as-a-Service platform which means there is no complex systems integration required to activate Razorsight and begin to reap the benefits. Our dedicated project-management team keeps solution deployment on schedule and within budget, from early-stage scoping through project plan execution to final testing and production support.

Faster Advantage

Razorsight delivers the intelligent acceleration required to get your solution deployed quickly. You begin realizing benefits almost immediately, achieving your strategic objectives and ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership possible.

Features of Razorsight’s Implementation Services

  • Business Process Benchmarking and Requirements Review
  • Program and Implementation Project Management
  • Application Testing, Troubleshooting, and Tuning
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Updates
  • Customer Support and Training

Benefits of Razorsight Implementation Services

  • Assured Project Success
  • Maximized ROI
  • Strategic, Domain, and Technical Expertise
  • Dedicated Support
  • Access to Razorsight Executives
  • Participation in Planning for and Prioritizing New Product Features

Razorsight Support and Training Services

Razorsight Service at Work

  • Every customer gets a dedicated email box exclusive to their support-service communication. When you generate a trouble-ticket, we can give it total attention via our "issue ticket" tracking system. The Razorsight Support team manages all issues from initial logging to resolution, and the system provides executive access for our customers.
  • Dedicated Customer Support Representatives
  • Multi-Channel Troubleshooting (phone, email, and web)
  • Secure Access to Razorsight Support Portal
  • Well-defined Escalation Process
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Ongoing Project Status Conference Calls
  • Regular Remote and On-Site Review Meetings
  • Prioritized Bug Requests
  • Prioritized Product Enhancement Requests
  • Environment Replication
  • Critical Tech Support and Issue Notifications
  • Frequent New Software Releases and Updates

Razorsight Education and Training Services

Get the best business results from your Razorsight solutions investment. Our Training Services -- provided at no additional cost -- maximize solution deployment ROI for customers and partners alike, providing you with welcome solution guidance, detailed insight on optimizing implementation, and ongoing opportunity to address any customer's particular performance needs.
  • Onsite Training Workshops
  • Razorsight University Webinars; an ongoing series of educational and best-practice webinars that help clients make optimal use of Razorsight solutions
  • Web-based Learning Classes (e-Learning)
  • Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis
  • Customized Training Developed with Customers to Suit their Specific Needs
  • Access to Razorsight's Online Knowledgebase
  • Events and Forums for Interacting with other Razorsight Customers

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