Audit Services

Communications Providers spend from 15% - 50% of total revenue on network infrastructure and 3rd party costs. Annual network is typically the top COGS line item on any Communications Provider's P&L. Razorsight's 10+ years of experience shows these costs can be reduced by up to 10% through comprehensive and automated auditing.

Razorsight Experience

Our staff has reduced network costs in excess of $900 Million. We have a strong mix of telecom experts and automation software tools which include:
  • Data analysts
  • Contract and tariff specialists
  • Dispute negotiators
  • Network architects
  • Project managers

Razorsight Validation Methodology

Razorsight combines experienced telecom specialists with over 200 documented telecom audits and a proven methodology to save you substantial operating expense. 
Our methods are focused on providing immediate savings combined with hands on training for your staff on Razorsight validation techniques.

Our audit methodology contains four primary phases. While we start with a kickoff and have many communication points with staff, one of our objectives is to reduce your resource impact on the audit project:  

Data Gathering –

Our team will gather invoice, contract, usage and inventory data at your site with little to no effort required by your team.

Audit –

The audit process takes two basic phases: an initial audit for immediate savings and deep dive audit using complex logic. Audits fall into three categories:
  • Rate - Validate proper contract rate application.
  • Quantity - Validation of correct number of circuits, USOCs, minutes, etc.
  • Existence - Does the service exist in your inventory and are you getting use.

Reconciliation –

For efficiency purposes we have a team working to reconcile disputes while we audit invoices.

Training –

Razorsight provides extensive hands on training for your staff. We also provide a detailed audit logic document to enhance the knowledge transfer process.

Razorsight is staffed with telecom experts with vast knowledge of billing of services. All experts have worked with or for telecom carriers and have hands on knowledge of their processes.

Our services are backed by Service Level Agreements to ensure we meet the expectations we help to create.

Win-Win Fee Structure


  • Fees are paid to Razorsight based on recovered cost and incremental savings. There are no set-up fees, no upfront capital investment, and no financial risk. We make money only if we find money for our customers.


  • Our dispute resolution experts have strong relationships with existing service provider vendors. This means much faster dispute resolution timeframes.


  • Depending on need, clients can opt for recurring or one-time audit engagements. Razorsight is currently providing telecom cost audit services to three of the largest carriers in the world, and we boast a 71% win ratio for disputed charges.

Simply put, Razorsight has never failed to return savings opportunities to our customers.

Razorsight is the clear choice for Cloud Analytics!