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EXECUTIVE For over a decade, Razorsight has worked solely with communications providers to craft our cloud...
FINANCE Razorsight has 10 years of experience in working exclusively with CFO organizations at leading...
MARKETING Razorsight has leveraged 10 years of experience in working exclusively with leading global...
NETWORK Razorsight has leveraged 10 years of experience in working exclusively with leading global...
SALES Due to saturation across many mobile, wireline and cable markets, retention and cross-sell...
CARE Given customer saturation in most markets, operators have increased their focus on Customer Care.
STATE AND LOCAL Today’s state and local government leaders in finance, operations or administration have increased pressure to do more with less.
There are 12 Billion communications provider connections across the globe today serving over 3 Billion distinct end users (consumer and business). These connections come in the form of Cable TV, Satellite, Mobile Devices (smartphones, tablets), Broadband and Wireline. In meetings with nearly 200 Executives from different communications providers around the world over the last year, we’ve seen a common set of challenges:
  • Market Saturation

    Due to extensive penetration, most operators (except in developing nations) are not seeing subscriber or revenue growth. This saturation results in margin compression for communications providers.
  • Churn

    Saturation and price compression result in a race for the best customers. Any hiccup in service or customer sat, or a proactive campaign from a competitor, could well result in customer churn.
  • Flat Revenue

    Market saturation, churn and competition from Over-the-top (OTT) apps with Internet cost of delivery economics results in flattening revenue and declining ARPU (or ARPA) for network operators.
  • Increasing Capex & Opex

    The market need to support new technologies (4G/LTE/FTTH/FTTT), content, and network modernization increases Capital and Operating expense.

Razorsight delivers new micro-segmented levels of insight to communications providers through advanced statistical analysis or predictive analytics to better pinpoint customer sentiment, potential churn, upsell opportunities, prioritize capital and to predict what will happen in the future across your customer base and network assets. Best of all, with Razorsight there's no software to buy as these predictive insights are delivered via a private cloud.

Razorsight's Cloud-based Predictive Analytics Software is used by the world's best known Communications & Media brands including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, Telus, Tata, Orange, CenturyLink, Windstream, IBM and Facebook. Razorsight delivers predictive insights to proactively and precisely target customer acquisition and retention and increase CLV. We assist in delivering personalized service at every touchpoint while reducing calls to care. And our analytics engines increase digital impressions and advertising revenue. These insights are operationalized to improve margins via revenue growth, retention and cost reduction.

Razorsight has married a team of the industry's best Data Scientists with our industry leading cloud analytics software to create the industry's only cloud based Predictive Analytics solution. Razorsight's predictive cloud analytics application sets a new standard in how communications and media companies evaluate customer value, pricing, marketing, retention, risk, quality, labor assets, capital deployment and network investment. Unique in the industry, Razorsight delivers an easy to use platform, with answers and insights from the perspectives of customer profitability and CLV. The end result, for communications companies: the long sought ability to grow your business based on a precise understanding of your most profitable customers, products, markets and locations while gaining real-time insights into customer sentiment, churn risk and upsell opportunity. The flexibility and modularity of our cloud-based apps means you subscribe only to what you need, while retaining the flexibility to seamlessly add other Razorsight modules or 3rd party software as your needs grow.

We've built over 200 communications industry specific rules to run on our advanced predictive analytics platform, and we're adding more each week! Following are a few examples of how customers are leveraging Razorsight's powerful statistical modeling to predict and automatically gain insight into likely customer churn, subscriber behavior analysis, upsell opportunities, risk analysis, network utilization trending, and other critical aspects of revenue retention, revenue growth and cost savings:

  • Sales & Marketing

    Predictive insights that allow for scientifically targeted messaging and acquisition, enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty, and longevity. This provides the hidden drivers behind these insights to provide actionable, successful measures adding directly to the top and bottom line.
  • Operations & Care

    Predictive insights that predict changes in customer behaviors and consumption patterns and the impact from network outages and from new network elements via complex statistical analysis. This aids in predicting network issues, reducing calls to care, reducing truck rolls and improving the customer experience.
  • Executive Insights

    Insights in a single portal on key business metrics, trends and predictive outcomes. Razorsight's unique ability to quickly and easily assimilate massive volumes of data across multiple silos of data and systems and deliver a single view has helped our customers better understand customer consumption by device type, site, demographics, etc. in order to reduce costs, improve margins and understand profitability by customer, service type and region.
  • Audience Management

    Delivers forward looking views of audience profiles, optimized sales plans for content delivery, and reconciliation of content viewership in near real time. Razorsight delivers predictive insights on future viewing patterns to allow for precisely targeted ad impressions and better revenue per ad thereby maximizing ad revenues.

Razorsight is the clear choice for Cloud Analytics!