Unique in the industry, the RazorInsights solution delivers a web-based platform designed for business users of all levels, with answers and insights specific to communications providers. The flexibility and modularity of our cloud-based product suite means you subscribe only to what you need, while retaining the flexibility to seamlessly turn on additional RazorInsights modules and integrate with 3rd party software as your needs grow.

The RazorInsights solution encompasses four integrated products to address the business needs for Communications Providers:

  • Treatment Optimization™ for Sales & Marketing

    RazorInsights Treatment Optimization is used by Sales and Marketing to proactively improve customer retention, target prospects for acquisition, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and improve campaign performance. The predictive insights delivered by the solution enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, value, and longevity, adding directly to the top and bottom line.
  • Touchpoint Optimization™ for Care, Field Ops & Network Ops

    RazorInsights Touchpoint Optimization is used by Customer Care to proactively improve first call resolution, reduce average handle times, and increase service automation. Field Operations utilizes the solution to reduce truck rolls, optimize field operations personnel, and improve first visit resolutions. RazorInsights in leverage by Network Operations to ensure network quality of service (QoS) by forecasting network utilization and predicting network degradation. These insights, generated automatically by the solution, optimize operational expenditures, enhance customer satisfaction, and address new, emerging, and hidden operational weaknesses before they impact the end customer.
  • Executive Insights™ for Finance

    The Executive Insights solution provides our clients a single portal in which to view their key business metrics, business trends and operational performance. The RazorInsights solution has the unique ability to quickly and easily assimilate massive volumes of data across many disparate sources to deliver an accurate view of key financial, operational, and business KPIs in near real-time. The Executive Insights solution also aids carriers in managing network infrastructure and partner costs through automated matching, reconciliation, auditing and settlement.
  • Audience Management™ for Digital Media

    The Audience Management solution is used by Digital Media groups to accurately forecast impressions by micro-segment, optimize sales plans at a granular level, and monetize data through targeted ads. These predictive insights generated by the solution improve revenues for both linear and addressable ads, increase conversion rates, reduce sales leakage, and enhance data-related sales revenues.
  • State and Local

    Today’s state and local government leaders in finance, operations or administration have increased pressure to do more with less. With tighter budgets and increased oversight, communications expense often is targeted as an area of focus.

Razorsight is the clear choice for Cloud Analytics!