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The Road to Telco

By coupling cloud app driven data with predictive analytics, CSPs would be able to proactively know what users want and when, and enable whole-hearted participation in the cloud ecosystem.

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Power of Innovation

By applying predictive analytics to the customer acquisition process, CSPs can refine their customer target and segmentation efforts in a much more granular, data-driven, and intelligent way. 

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Embracing the Eureka Moment of Granular Margin Management

The formula for calculating the percentage of profit on the sale of goods is simple: P - C divided by C = %, where "P" is the sale price, "C" is your cost of goods and hopefully "%" is a positive integer. But who can rely on hope and, in turn, hope to survive?

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Telecom analytics: Mining data gold

Information without any intelligence is just raw data. Facing a very competitive environment, carriers are under pressure to embrace realtime big data and analytics solutions to better understand both their network usage and their customers. Gaining deeper knowledge will give telecom operators the chance to take advantage of all the data they have and come up with new opportunities to reduce churn, improve network performance and increase revenues by offering personalized products.
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Helping CSPs Differentiate via Data Science in the Zettabyte Age

The pressures facing communications service providers (CSPs) in the face of exponential data growth, from smartphones and increasingly connected devices to market saturation, declining average revenue per user (ARPU), and new competitors with significant economic advantages, have created a classic case of “Is the glass half full or half empty?”
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LTE-network monetization: combining the data plane, signaling and user data

The mobile operator business is facing a tough economic environment, and in the face of the third wave of data services, operators are attempting to use their existing infrastructure and key strengths to create new revenue streams while remaining competitive with both peers and value-chain neighbors.
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Executive Report on Customer Experience

Business recognizes the importance of customer experience. According to 75.9% of customer management executives and leaders who participated in this research initiative, their organizations have rated customer experience a 5 on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being of highest importance).
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The CIO’s role in the future of telecommunications

As telecommunication operators face increasing competition not only from other carriers but also from over-the-top players, chief information officers are helping their companies become more competitive. As telecommunication companies have started looking at new digital services and focusing on data and analytics, the role of CIOs has become more central. They are no longer seen as simply supporting the business, but helping to deliver it.
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Sizing Up Big Data, Broadening Beyond the Internet

In 2005, Mr. Hammerbacher, then a freshly minted Harvard graduate, did what many math and computing whizzes did. He went to Wall Street as a “quant,” building math models for complex financial products. Looking for a better use for his skills, Mr. Hammerbacher departed to Silicon Valley less than a year later and joined Facebook.
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