RCR Wireless Editorial Webinar: Telecom Analytics Mining Data Gold

In this webinar, RCR Wireless News provides insight on how carriers can take advantage of analytics solutions to turn data into information assets and how carriers can leverage big data, business intelligence and customer analytics to drive revenue, reduce churn and improve network performance.


Dan Meyer, Editor-in-Chief, RCR Wireless News
Roberta Prescott, Editor, RCR Wireless News

Justin van der Lande, Head of Revenue Mgmt and Analytics Programs, Analysys Mason
Chris Checco, President and Chief Analytics Officer, Razorsight

This webinar was sponsored by Razorsight.

The Customer Experience: Predicting Revenue Opportunities and Preventing Loss

Gain Valuable Customer Insight through Predictive Analytics
Hosted by Chris Checco, President and Chief Analytics Officer at Razorsight


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are increasingly focused on the value of understanding the customer's experience by using tools like surveys and social media analysis. 
These approaches, however, are often reactionary. Leaders in CEM (Customer Experience Management) employ a data-driven discipline that's more proactive and comprehensive.
Industry leaders address their Customer Experience by exploring additional aspects to include:

  • How do I develop a strategy for optimal communication with my customers?
  • What specific message and communication medium will be most impactful for each customer?
  • Which customers are likely to be influencers?
  • How will an outreach or offer impact my customers' immediate and long-term profitability?

Predictive Analytics gives you the power to answer these questions and propel your organization to a new level of sophistication and strategic ability. A proactive, fact-based approach to analyzing your customers will give your company the ability to outperform the competition.

FCC Access Reform:  Managing The Change


Leading Washington, DC regulatory attorneys Brad Mutschelknaus and Chip Yorkgitis of Kelley Drye, LLP to deliver webinar discussing the impact of the recent FCC changes. This is a critical issue that impacts every communications provider - large and small. This webinar will discuss the practical, financial, technical and business impacts of the new FCC Connect America Fund and the Intercarrier Compensation Reform, as well as provide a timeline for implementation.

Attend this important webinar to learn about the FCC Connect America Order and how this change impacts the entire communications industry. Find out what it means to you as an MVNO, LEC, RLEC, CLEC, VoIP provider or mobile operator. 

The FCC Tries Again:  Intercarrier Compensation on the Operating Table

Extrapolated from the popular regulatory brief developed by Kelly Drye LLP and Razorsight, this 32-page slide presentation summarizes our successful webinar on access reform, which examined the issue in even greater detail. It offers an introductory history of telecom regulation, illustrating how the industry evolved in to its current state. It also illuminates the incongruity of intercarrier compensation, attempted reform, and pursuit of a regulatory framework. Webinar attendees will find the slides a welcome encapsulation of the webinar itself, and those who could not attend will appreciate the key points, historical information, and suggested path forward. 

Click here to download the webinar slides in PDF form.

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