What’s the most important question for telecommunications service providers?

Almost nothing is more important, for a service provider, than discovering and building new revenue sources big enough to replace equally-large legacy sources such as voice, messaging, Internet access or video entertainment. You might argue that is a bigger present reality for executives in developed markets than in developing markets. But limits to present revenue growth modes will be an issue for nearly all telecommunications service providers soon enough.  According to a new forecast by Strategy Analytics: though global mobile service revenue growth will accelerate in 2014, it is going to go flat in 2015.

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Razorsight Goes All In on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Razorsight is ending the summer with an ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” involving the entire company. And we’re challenging our 100+ customers — leading communications and media companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast — to follow suit.

As added incentive, we’re going to send towels to all customers who take the ice bath.

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And click here to make a donation to the ALS Association.

Can Mobile Replace Fixed Network Internet Access?

In developed markets, it still is possible to argue that mobile Internet access is not a complete substitute for fixed network Internet access. But that could change, especially for some segments of the customer base including younger households, moderate-income households, single-person households and households of unrelated renters.

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